On primetime and ratings – Oh NBC


Will Somebody Please Save NBC?

Not directly related to our classwork, but I think it brings up some good points about ratings and networks. Silly NBC has canceled a variety of apparently good shows for no good reason, and the other channels it owns have taken on the critical acclaim that it used to have.


2 Responses to “On primetime and ratings – Oh NBC”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Yeah, I alluded to this article in class today. I wonder what it means to talk mournfully about a television network–or should we say a small branch on a large corporate tree? Purely private enterprises, television networks feel like cultural institutions. Are they? NBC is being treated like a heretic for acting as what it is, a business. Is this how we’ll feel when the New York Times collapses?

  2. julorean Says:

    Most likely. There’s a major psychological element. People become attached to institutions that have brought them pleasure. Some of it may a sense of entitlement – that’s it’s not really a business, but exists for their benefit and entertainment.

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