A few thoughts on “The Office”


I’ve seen The Office a couple of times before but I am by no means an avid watcher of the show. As a sporadic viewer, I am nevertheless able to understand, follow and enjoy each episode I watch. The show itself seems like a hybrid between your typical sitcom and reality TV. Often dubbed the “docusoap” or “mockumentary” it introduces us to a new way of relating to and/or sympathizing with characters like Michael Scott, the typical failing professional. Characters in the office drive the story of each episode as the mock interviews successfully serve as the show’s narration.

I came accross an interesting article that talks discusses The Office as “comedy verité” and delves into the different aesthetics introduced by this type of TV. It further explores Sconce’s idea of the “cumulative” narrative in TV shows through more recent examples  like The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Flow TV Article


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