Two Interpretations of a Mundane Setting


Interesting article from the New Yorker comparing the UK and the US versions of The Office.



2 Responses to “Two Interpretations of a Mundane Setting”

  1. cls365 Says:

    Thanks for posting that article. I was trying to figure out the comedic differences (amongst the many other difference) between the two shows, and “Paper Chase” was able to perfectly articulate what I was attempting to express. Most notably when ad Friedn states that, “In the British ‘Office,’ we never learned most people’s names; the American version lovingly anatomizes everyone and takes advantage of the long-take documentary format to reveal the full complexity of everyone’s feelings (we glean, for instance, that Toby has an unspoken crush on Pam, and therefore resents Jim).” I think that really is the biggest difference: There is an emotional spirit and vitality in the American version that the UK Office simply lacks, which makes the American viewers genuinely care about the show’s characters.

  2. acs423 Says:

    The Office vs. The Office: A Showdown

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