Mad Men/The Office


A fun tidbit I ran across that reminded me of class that compares characters from Mad Men to characters from The Office (US):


3 Responses to “Mad Men/The Office”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Thanks, Anna! I hope you don’t mind but I added an image and a live link to your post. Karen

  2. Administrator Says:

    P.S. While I think this site is pretty good–I love the Joan/Kelly analogy, obviously, since that’s the image I picked, even though a Pam/Joan analogy is probably more accurate–I think Don Draper = Michael Scott, and I will argue this to my grave. Mad Men lacks the aloof, in-house observer character Jim embodied in the early seasons of the US Office.

  3. Anna Says:

    Yeah, I feel like it’s more of an aesthetic comparison than a critical comparison of character. Again, I don’t watch Mad Men (yet), but I feel like Pam in the first few seasons would be Peggy, and later-Pam would be Joan.

    I think the Michael – Don comparison is really interesting, and I would agree. I think it’s really hard to do this with the U.S. Office, because all of the characters have changed so much, but I think Michael and Don are a compelling comparison; I think Don is kind of who Michael wants to be, and Michael is who Don has worked his whole life to avoid becoming.

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