Hello, My Name Is… “Random Coworker”


Often I miss the dialogue in certain “contemplative” (read: the characters sit around murmuring about issues instead of the usual shouting matches) episodes because I’m laughing so hard at the obvious extras inserted as friends and co-workers.

My favorite is Elodie (wtf is up with her name?), who seems to exist only to be Heidi’s sounding board. It’s like they’ve got magnets in their heads — the moment Heidi glances at her, Elodie’s eyes are trained on her. “What’s wrong? How was the paty? What did Brent do?” And it’s never even just logical work issues. No, they’re chattering about Jordan or Spencer (who are equally abusive… kind of scary); Heidi’s spats with Lauren or Audrina; parties…

Then of course, Elodie got recast from Sympathetic Coworker to Victim to Backstabbing Beeyotch. Gawker does the best justice to this “reveal”, so check out their recap here.

Bless you, Elodie.



2 Responses to “Hello, My Name Is… “Random Coworker””

  1. abibock Says:

    I feel like reality tv show characters tend to be overtly attractive. In the midst of all this “beauty” they need to plug in a normal-looking person to make the audience feel a little better about themselves give them hope that one day they might be able to have a reality tv show as well.

  2. nataliezutter Says:

    Eek, I wouldn’t call Elodie normal-looking. There’s that fierce chipmunk look on her face, like she’s plotting Heidi’s downfall.

    Speaking of looks, something I was gonna post about separately was how Heidi went from a pretty cute kid to the inflated, glossed/highlighted doll, from one season to the next. In Season 1 we can see her dark roots, she doesn’t always wear make-up, and she doesn’t look pretty when she cries. Good for her! She was “the normal-looking person” to LC, I guess, but then she/the producers fucked with her body.

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