Why The Hills works


After about ten minutes of watching the Hills, I felt like I had been lobotomized.  After 20 (a full episode) I was dying to know whether or not Lauren was going to lose her job, Heidi was going to keep her job, and if their frememy status was ever going to change to plain enemy. After about the fifth episode I was sort of wondering what was wrong with me and why I kept hitting the next button until I realized the main reason. Even if I find LC, Heidi and Audrina boring and vapid, they are all actually kind of likable. There is something very humbling about their stupidity and their ideas of what they should be doing.

I loved the fact that Heidi thought she was just to good for fashion school and thought her new job would just be throwing her into parties right and left. I also love how Lauren just looks down on Heidi whenever work is concerned. Their “frenemy” relationship is probably the most realistic part of the show, since half of the stuff they do is definitely written in. For example: Teen Vogue would never send an in school intern to NYC overnight to deliver a dress only to make her turn right back around to go home to LA. However, I do like that they are making it seem like their jobs are privileges and can be taken away at any moment if they mess up.

The main reason why I think this show works is because unlike a real scripted show like 90210 or Gossip Girl, it is based in some kind of reality. This isn’t Leighton Meester playing a part, it is a supposedly real girl who wants to make it into the fashion world (Which makes me wonder now why she wrote a book and acted in a movie if all she really wants is to do fashion). Because they are supposed to be real girls, we can identify them. They’re just like the average girl trying to balance school, work, boyfriends, and play. However, it is important to know that the look and the feel of the show are very rooted in teen drama. The minute Lauren showed up at the apartment complex I immediately thought of Melrose Place and when they were dealing with school it evoked feelings of when the original 90210 cast went to college.

Unlike a teen show, things aren’t always handed to them on a silver platter, and even though Lauren works at Teen Vogue, they haven’t yet (well in season 1) figured out some ploy for her to be some celebrity’s date which then skyrocket her into fame. Even though I know its fake and at times it sounds like what they are saying is bad scripted dialogue, there is something real to it, I just can’t say I know what it is. Maybe I’ll find out in season 2.


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