Here’s a little intro to Meta TV


This first vid has nothing to do with Supernatural, but it does make you think. And it’s just awesome.

Note the use of color to delineate established worlds, and how the various layers of reality they establish quickly start running together, crossing over in unexpected ways.

Next is the opening scene of the Pilot, giving the basic backstory.

Basically, after the fire, John learns all he can about the supernatural and goes on a decades long quest for vengence, raising his sons as warriors. I do recommend watching at least the pilot, of course. “Salvation”, the next to last episode of Season 1, is also a great one to watch, as there is more interaction with their dad John.

And just for fun, here’s the show’s page on TV Tropes.

And this site looks to have most of the episodes, though they’re broken up into parts.



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