women in mad men


This is an essay/article on the portrayal of women in Mad Men, which I am presenting on Tuesday. I like that it focuses on the roles of Betty and Peggy, who I think are both interesting characters on the show for different reasons. Peggy attempts to break the glass ceiling and progress in her career but she does so within the construct of her role as a female in the 1960’s. Betty seems to choose to remain under the rules of being a housewife in spite of her brief stint as a model (which was dependent on her husband accepting a job at the company) and her imagined affair with a salesman. The character that interests me most is Rachel Menken because she operates as a man in a man’s world, utilizing their language and their savy to conduct business while still being considered a classy, sophisticated woman.


2 Responses to “women in mad men”

  1. Myles Says:

    Heh, let me know how it goes, glad to see my Theory essay I randomly decided to post to the blog is getting some love!

    – Myles

  2. alexalbright Says:

    Interesting essay. I’ve found Mad Men to be a very anti-male show. The series has these great female characters like Peggy, Joan, and Rachel that are trying to work in a man’s world and I think the show is very sympathetic to their plight. In contrast, most of the male characters are presented as drunken womanizers.

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