The Wire Treatment


David Simon

I came across this, David Simon’s treatment for The Wire, when doing a little research for my final blog post. It’s a pretty interesting read that outlines the deeper motifs and themes of the show really, really well.

As we’ve talked about in class countless times, TV is so often looked at as this lesser art with only superficial layers, if any layers at all. It seems to be treatments like Simon’s, though, that clearly make the case for the intelligent and artistic nature of some television programming. The treatment reads almost like a brief analysis of a classic novel. Simon is trying to tackle problems and ideas that great authors have worked with for centuries – he himself draws a parallel to Euripides. His choice of subject matter and the aesthetic style in which it is to be portrayed has considerable thought behind it, and with such planning and foresight, it’s no wonder why The Wire has been heralded as one of the best series ever on television. It is certainly shows such as this that add to the growing legitimacy of the television medium.


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