Opening Scene of the Wire episode 3


I found the opening of this episode grabbing from the first minute. Mostly because of the fact that Omar hears a noise that he thinks is a bad one, gets out of bed stark naked with his gun, and is ready in case something is about to happen. That first minute of the opening tells you so much about the environment of the show and the character. The fact that at the sound of a garbage truck he is ready to possibly shoot someone shows the viewer a) what kind of a town this is, and b) what Omar’s life has been like, obviously one of violence where he always had to protect himself.

The other really interesting parts of this opener is when Omar is walking through the streets with the people and children running out of his way in possible fear, showing that he obviously has some sense of authority over the people in his neighborhood as well as the scene right before the credits when Omar comes in a dumps a bag of drugs on the table and the main concern between him and his boyfriend is the fact that it isn’t Honey Nut Cheereos. The scene ends with his philosophy on drugs and how he didn’t even want them. What is great about this scene is that it is the third episode in of the fourth season of a series and it still manages to give a possibly new viewer the chance to get a great character sketch as well as feel like they may have not missed something pivotal. In my opinion, this is one of the things that makes “The Wire” so great.


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