Hell on Wheels and the Visual


From a visual stand point I have mixed emotions about Hell on Wheels. The sets are amazing and it’s apparent that a lot of money has gone into this show.However, for me, the most memorable and impressive (for lack of a better term) visual aspects is the gore. In all of my post so far I have mentioned the gore and I am starting to feel like a broken record but for all three episodes Hell on Wheels has heavily employed a lot of carnage. It would be one thing if this carnage was serving a purpose but as far as I can tell it is just blood for blood’s sake. I personally feel that Hell on Wheels should take a number out Breaking Bad’s book. Breaking Bad is no stranger to the grotesque. (I won’t go into to detail to avoid spoilers but If you know the show I think you’ll know what I’m referring to.)However, Breaking Bad uses gore sparingly and with a point. At the rate Hell on Wheels is going, it seems as the only goal in mind is to desensitize the audience. After the first three show I anticipate the gore to the point where it is boring. If they were using the carnage to illustrate how difficult life in the west could be that would be one matter but as it stands I definitely think they are overdoing it.


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