Hell on Wheels Episode 3


I can’t quite figure out why, but I definitely don’t agree with most of my classmates that Hell on Wheels is complete garbage. Perhaps it’s the business-focused side of my brain at work, but I find that this show is exactly what middle-America needs. AMC is not trying to impress the 18-24 age range of highly intellectual students that go to New York University. Instead, they are probably targeting 35+ adults, mostly males, and ones that don’t want to watch a show with a complicated plot when they come home after a long day of work. Still, I feel that Hell on Wheels will continue to improve as the season progresses, and while I don’t personally find it enjoyable, I think Hell on Wheels has beautiful cinematography and does a wonderful job at recreating the past.

What I do find very interesting in terms of the visual aspects of Hell on Wheels are the costumes and wardrobe – I find that not only is the show great at researching the clothing that people wore during the time period that the railroad was built, but I also appreciate the symbolism that goes along with the wardrobe of the characters. For example, our main character Cullen is always donning his pistol. This pistol, we find out in the first episode, is a standard issued revolver of the Southern army and is a much larger firearm than any of the weapons used by other workers on the railroad. This revolver represents Cullen’s past, and perhaps the only thing that will allow him to move on from it will be avenging the death of his wife. On the other hand, Elam, the slave, always dresses in a suit and dress hat despite the fact that he’s working in the dirt. His character dresses this way because he is trying to move on from the pre-Civil War era, and would like to be respected the way a white man is.

These representations are going to play larger roles, in my opinion, as the show continues. I feel that the show has a great setup for only having three episodes thus far – all of the characters have motivations, and have very complex relationships. This is a good formula for a show, we must simply wait to see what it has in store for us.


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