So I couldn’t figure out how to post to the adaptation’s group so I’m posting this here.

For my adaptation series I have been watching Trueblood which is based of the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris, I’m very interested in how television creators handle images in adaptations. What specifics from the text do they find paramount to include and what do they find expendable? Trueblood is an interesting case because violence and sex are major parts of the story. Trueblood could never be shown on a cable or network station. (Although some might argue that is you shed Trueblood of it’s sex and gore, you would have Vampire Diaries, which is doing alright for itself). Fortunately HBO does not have to adhere by the guidelines of propriety that other channels must. However, for me I think that Trueblood does something with it’s images that Hell On Wheels, in my opinion, could never get quite right. The amount of gore. Vampires drink blood. And on occasion explode into a pile of bloody remnants. However in Trueblood I am not constantly bracing myself for the gore in the way I would for Hell on Wheels. Trueblood uses gore, for the shock value but also to enhance the plot. Hell on Wheels seemed to use it frivolously without cause.


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